Destiny: It is What We Remake It

The Buddhists (is it the Buddhists? Anyway, somebody) believe that we design our own destiny. Like, we pick out our parents and families before we are born. That everything that happens to us in this life was pre-ordained by us. Which makes you wonder… WTF was I thinking?
Well, I reject the teachings of the Buddhists (or whoever – not important. Pay attention). I reject them. I cast off the fur-lined handcuffs of this mortal coil. Starting tomorrow, I manifest a new destiny. (Not the one I tried to manifest last winter. That was bad. I've thought this one through.)
No longer will I be left holding the bag, the remainder on the lease, or the credit card debt on our dream vacation. The one he said he paid for. Right before he disappeared into the jungle with our sherpa, only to return three days later reeking of coconuts, a wicked sunburn on his back and three necrotic spider bites on his nethers. And no memory of having paid the bill. I can’t go on like this.
This Seonaid does not accept destiny – she creates it – along with a line of headbands, inspired by the fearless and peerless Princess Bea.
Divine Designs is coming.
 ~xo Seonaid

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